Winter Waterfowl Count for Sullivan County

On 1/19 and 20 Arlene Borko and I spent the days scouring the county for wintering waterfowl. We benefitted from the recent warm weather with finding a lot of water open and many birds taking advantage of it. Being a mountain county, we often have little open water and never amass a huge list of birds. This year we did better than most, totaling 10 species (our team). The total for the week will be determined when all groups have submitted their results. As for now, these are out totals. Highlights of the weekend were LONG-TAILED DUCK, NORTHERN PINTAIL and RING-NECKED DUCK. Bufflehead and Mute Swan get honorable mention. Some perks of the trips included 4 Red-shouldered Hawks and 6 Horned Larks. Here is the total list:

Canada Geese – 1,238
Mallard Duck – 834
Black Duck – 131
Common Merganser – 67
Hooded Merganser – 26
Ring-necked Duck – 3
Northern Pintail – 3
Bufflehead – 2
Long-tailed Duck – 1
Mute Swan – 1
Total – 2,306

Not a bad total for Sullivan County, and just 38 birds under our last years total (our team)

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