Hoary Redpoll update

This morning, a dozen birders met at Scott Baldinger’s house to try for the Hoary Redpolls. We weren’t disappointed. The very pale bird I have posted the photos of is now definitely determined to be a first year male. (thanks to Tom Burke) It was actually seen early, but not by me or the group when I was there. Tom made the ID based on the photos. Also seen today was the adult male bird in question as to its ID. Tom determined it is in fact a Common Redpoll. The definite adult male was not seen by us today. Around mid-morning, Lance Verderame spotted yet another Hoary Redpoll. This bird is a very creamy white and is also a first year male. This means that there are definitely three Hoaries present. Tom confirmed its ID and Gail Benson and Jeff Nicol were able to get some pics. We had a total of over 200 redpolls again today. Hopefully the birds will continue and many others will get to see them as well. I hope to have a photo of the new Hoary later this evening to post to the blog. Nice to see you and your friends Karen. Other birds present included Purple Finch, Carolina Wren, American Goldfinch and all the commonly expected feeder birds. Thanks again to Scott for being such a good host.

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