Hoary Redpolls Continue

Female Hoary Redpoll 1/11/13

first year male Hoary Redpoll 1/11/13

I spent over an hour at Scott’s again this morning. The feeders were very active enabling me to count 170 birds at the tube feeders alone. Adding 30-40 birds at each of the other two stations indicates there may be as many as 250 Redpolls coming to his feeders. This morning, three Hoary Redpolls were seen. One bird may just be an extremely pale Common, but according to Sibley’s descriptions, it too may be a Hoary. I finally obtained frontal photos of the female (which I think probably is a female as opposed to a first year male) The streaking is slightly more than my original description and there is one streak in the vent area. That is what makes me think female. This is a beautiful bird and quite cooperative the last two days. If you are interested in Hoary Redpolls, I suggest you make your way over to Scott’s and take advantage of the opportunity to see these birds. Elsewhere at the Bash, the Deli Fields were quite active again this morning. 40 House Finch, 15 Redpolls, 4 Song Sparrows, 2 Tree Sparrows, 1 Field Sparrow, 5 Bluebirds and quite a few Juncos were all present. For the first time in some time, no hawks were hunting the fields this morning.

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6 Responses to Hoary Redpolls Continue

  1. scott says:

    Nice photo John.

  2. Jeff Nicol says:

    If coming on haven Road, making a right, is this house before or after the boat launch parking lot? i am going to head up there Saturday, probably mid morning. That number of Redpolls is amazing, something i just have to see. Most we have had at our feeders so far is 3. A chance to possibly see a Hoary just sweetens to pot.

  3. Jeff Nicol says:

    Park on the road, or in the driveway? Should be there somewhere around 10am, give or take a half hour.

    • Park on the road for starters, not sure if there will be many there tomorrow, but its looking like it and parking is limited. You can look up hill to feeders.  If not many there, Scott doesn’t mind if you come up to be nearer to the birds for better pics.

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