Hoary Redpoll sexual identification

Continuing my search for more details on the identification of the two Hoary Redpolls at Scott’s, using the “Character Index for Redpoll Identification” designed by David Sibley, I question the birds sex. Yesterday, I had close up views of this bird when it landed only 15 feet from me in one of the small trees in Scott’s yard. There were no streaks on the vent, and the streaks on the flank were so thin and faint that viewed from the front, the bird appeared almost entirely white. As I reread the “Index” criteria, it seems to me that this bird may be a first year male. It easily scored between 15 and 18 on the index. This range offers the possibility that the bird exceeds the normal range for a female. It goes further to describe first year males as often showing no “pink” at all, which would describe this bird as well. I will try to get further shots of the bird from a frontal view if I possibly can. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Hoary Redpoll sexual identification

  1. scott says:

    This is getting more and more interesting!

    • I could be wrong about this, but from what I saw yesterday, I think its a possibility. I would like to try to get some frontal shots that show the fine streaking and vent. If any hint of pink was present, it would verify a first year male.

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