Bashakill Deli Fields 1/6/13

This morning I birded the Deli Fields for the first time since 1/1. It was a beautiful morning with temps quickly rising into the 30’s. It was quite birdy, with a number of hawks seen as well as the passerines. The ground has about six inches of snow on it, but the walk around the fields wasn’t difficult. A crusty under-lair kept you from sinking in much. Eastern Bluebirds were particularly active this morning, singing and feeding in several areas. At least ten of them were present. Half a dozen Common Redpolls were among the many Dark-eyed Juncos, Tree and Song Sparrows, House and Gold Finches. Blue Jays, Red-bellied, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, White-breasted Nuthatch, American Crow and Carolina Wren were all seen. The hawks show was impressive this morning. My first of the year Sharp-shinned Hawk posed for a few pics before flying off in pursuit of a meal. Shortly there after, a Red-tailed Hawk flew in joined almost immediately by a Red-shouldered Hawk. After a brief sparring, they each went their own way. After I hiked out the Stonefields trail, back at my car a Cooper’s Hawk chased some finches around. It was a really serene walk in a beautiful spot.

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