Around the County

This morning, Arlene Borko and I joined Lance Verderame and Scott Baldinger at Scott’s home to view the Common Redpoll flock. We were hoping to find a Hoary Redpoll. We have not yet succeeded, but its great fun sifting through 100+ birds with many Goldfinches, Purple Finches, Pine Siskins and an assortment of sparrows, including one Swamp, at his feeders. Scott has the hottest spot in the county at this time. After we left there, Arlene and I worked our way around the county. In Hasbrouck, we had a flock of 52 Snow Buntings along the road. At the Rondout Reservoir we found our first county Northern Harrier of the year. A Common Goldeneye was new as well among many ducks, geese and mergansers. Six of the eight Bald Eagles we had today were there. We then headed to the Beechwoods area for to try for Rough-legged Hawk again. We didn’t find them, but we had many good birds. A flock of 4 Horned Lark on Long Road and a flock of 22 Snow Bunting on Goebel Road were nice finds. Two Red-tailed Hawks and 6 Turkeys were the best we could come up with. On to Pucky Huddle Road where we found 17 Turkeys and 3 Horned Lark as well as a nearby Red-shouldered Hawk. Not a bad day.

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