More Common Redpolls

Common Redpoll 12/6/12

Common Redpoll 12/6/12

Common Redpolls at a feeding station in Neversink

Common Redpolls at a feeding station in Neversink

This morning it was apparent that there was a decent influx of Common Redpolls overnight with the intense northwest winds. I found the birds in several locations in small flocks, the largest of which was twenty birds. The easiest location to find them at this time appears to Sue Rayano’s Home. If you don’t find them there immediately, go up and down Cooley Mt. Road. (Sue is at the corner of Cooley Mt. and Smith Roads in the town of Neversink) There are birches all along this road and the Redpolls may be found feeding in them if not at her feeders. Sue always welcomes birders to view her feeders, so just park off the side of the road and check out all the feeders. You can even walk up into the yard for a better view. Elsewhere in the county it continues to be fairly quiet. Ring-necked Ducks, Common Loon, Ruddy Ducks, Common Goldeneye as well as both Mergansers highlight the waterfowl at this time. Hunters have been so active at the Bashakill the last week that all waterfowl seems to have departed that location. Two Horned Lark at the Deli fields were an unexpected find.

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2 Responses to More Common Redpolls

  1. scott says:

    Hi John
    Finally saw a Common Redpoll at feeders. Paula and I saw one on the thistle feeder yesterday around noon. Nice to see them again!

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