Swan Lake

At the current time, Swan Lake is the best spot for birds in the county. Water fowl remains plentiful and some other interesting birds can be seen as well. As I was walking back up from the shore in the clearing by the burm, 14 White-winged Crossbills flew over. I spished loudly and they stopped in their tracks, swirled around and landed in a tree on the edge of the clearing. They sat just long enough to get a good look and then they flew across the lake. Northern Pintails, Green-winged Teal, Lesser Scaup and Ruddy Ducks were all seen as well as both mergansers and the usually expected ducks. I had my highest count of Wilson’s Snipe today with 15 present on the mud flats. (others have seen more) Two Killdeer continue as well. Bald Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks were seen. A nice morning of birding.

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2 Responses to Swan Lake

  1. scott says:

    I’m excited you saw the Crossbills! Case settled out of court and I’m done with jury duty thank goodness! I’ll be out tomorrow looking for those winter finches!

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