Swan Lake

This beauty was quite confiding. Hopefully it doesn’t catch up to him in the coming weeks.

this mink was so intent on his meal, I finally had to step out of the car and spish to get him to look up long enough for a photo

Today I birded several areas, but Swan Lake was the best spot by far. Water fowl were all over the lake and a surprise to me were some late shore birds. Here is a list of the highlights:

Common Mergansers – 166
Hooded Mergansers – 9
Black Duck – 70
Mallards – 50
Ruddy Duck – 40
Green-winged Teal – 5
Canada Geese
Brant – 1
Lesser Scaup – 5
Bufflehead – 1
Northern Pintail – 2
Ring-billed Gulls – 150
Killdeer – 4
Wilson’s Snipe – 11
Belted Kingfisher – 3

None avian highlights of the day included many rutting White-tailed Deer and a Mink feasting on a fish.

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4 Responses to Swan Lake

  1. scott says:

    That huge buck looks like the same one I saw at the Neversink yesterday! Love that shot of the mink! Siskins picked up at feeders with a high of 21 today along with 2 Fox Sparrows. Lots of guns going off around Bash. Deli Fields still have that huge flock of House Finch (70+) and Juncos (200+ on conservative side). and 3 skeins of Canada Goose (89) flying over deli fields towards Port hopefully away from all the gun fire!

  2. Maryangela says:

    love your photos today

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