Sullivan County’s Summitville Hawk Watch – season end results

Summitville Hawk Watch 2012 – John Haas

The Summitville Hawk Watch conducted hawk counts from the Shawangunk Ridge from 9/9 through 11/9/12. The watch is sponsored by the Sullivan County Audubon Society. We are located at the Fire Tower on Fire Tower Road in the town of Mamakating, overlooking Wurtsboro and the Bashakill WMA. We experienced nearly ideal conditions throughout the season with a greater than normal flight of a number of species. Both Bald and Golden Eagles had their highest counts in the history of the watch. Broad-winged Hawks came in at a whopping 4,385 Milestones for this species included a single day count of 1,177 and on another day a single kettle* count of 250 individuals. * a kettle is a single swarm of Raptores spiraling skyward on a thermal, once they reach the highest spot in the thermal, they peel off in a southwest direction. This enables them to glide a great distance, often twenty miles or more without a single wing-beat.

Species -Totals
Turkey Vulture – 91
Black Vulture – 9
Bald Eagle – 82
Osprey – 106
Northern Harrier – 32
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 766
Coopers Hawk – 56
Northern Goshawk – 11
Red-shouldered Hawk – 44
Broad-winged Hawk – 4,385
Red-tailed Hawk – 877
Golden Eagle – 17
American Kestrel – 39
Merlin – 7
Peregrine Falcon – 10
Unidentified – 4
Totals – 6,536

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