Good Day in Sullivan

flock of Evening Grosbeaks at Sue’s Feeders

male Evening Grosbeak at Sue Rayano’s Feeders 11/10/12

Red-throated Loon on Neversink Reservoir 11/10/12

This morning I was just getting ready to pick up Arlene Borko when I received a call from Lance Verderame informing me he had just found a juvenile RED-THROATED LOON on the Neversink Reservoir. I picked up Arlene and we headed up to Neversink. Upon arrival, we found two Common Loons, a Bald Eagle, four Horned Lark and two Hooded Mergansers. We couldn’t find the RTLO. After a half hour search we decided to bird elsewhere and return later. On Hunter Road we found three Snow Buntings. The Cooley Bog was fairly quiet with only Chickadees and Gold-crowned Kinglets. At Sue Rayono’s House we had Fox Sparrows (3), Pine Siskin (1), Red-breasted Nuthatch (1) and (3) EVENING GROSBEAKS. As we watched the birds, nine more Evening Grosbeaks came in and fed. Sue says she has been having up to twenty a day since about October 25th. Sue is located at the corner of Smith and Cooley Mt. Roads in the town of Neversink. She welcomes visitors and keeps an updated list of when the birds have been seen in the window at the end of the house over the garage on Smith Road side of house. Sue and Pat are great folks and as usual we thank them for their hospitality. Upon leaving Sue’s, we returned to the Neversink Reservoire. After spending another 15 minutes looking for the RTLO, I was packing up when I suddenly spotted a bird on the left side of reservoir. It was the RTLO! (thanks Lance!) Fortunately, the bird would dive and come up closer and closer to us so I was able to get some photos of it. Back at Yankee Lake, I had Common Goldeneye, Common and Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Black Ducks. We also had several Bald Eagles today. Scott Baldinger was able to arrive sometime later and also saw the RTLO. Great Birding.

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