Summitville Hawk Watch

Each year I go to Florida for two weeks in early November. This year, due to Hurricane Sandy, we have had to cancel our plans at the last minute. We still have no power (do have generator), water, heat, cable etc. There is no way we can head south under these circumstances. That said, I am available for the hawk watch at a time I am not normally here. The first four days of November have been fabulous. I attribute part of that to Sandy as well. A back up of raptores over several days seemed to break loose on Thursday and continued through today. We have had a total of 12 Golden Eagles over the last four days. Red-tailed Hawks have totaled 533 individuals in the last four days. This is unprecendented at our site. Red-shouldered Hawks have reached a new high as well. We are already at 6477 raptores for the fall season. This total far exceeds any previous season.

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2 Responses to Summitville Hawk Watch

  1. Matt Zeitler says:

    12 Golden Eagles in 4 days! Awesome! I saw that you had 6 on Saturday – congrats. I guess you take the good with the bad. Hopefully you get power etc… back soon.

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