After Hurricane Sandy

flock of 320 Brant flying over the Neversink Reservoire

a hatch year Brant grazing on the banks of Swan Lake 10/31/12

I was able to get out and bird both tuesday and Wednesday following a devastating hit by Hurricane Sandy to Sullivan County. There are trees down throughout the county and power lines and poles are down on nearly every road. I never thought it would be worse than the combination of Hurrican Irene and the Halloween Snow Storm last year, but it is. That said, I had hoped for some good storm birds on our reservoires. Once again that did not happen. We did get good birds, but all of them are to be expected in late October anyway. On Tuesday, Lance Verderame and I found a combined list of the following:

Brant – 40 Swan Lake
Bufflehead – about fifty birds between three locations Swan Lake, Yankee Lake and the Neversink Reservoir
White-winged Scoter – 7 (LV) Neversink Reservoir, (5) Kiamesha Lake
Long-tailed Duck – 11 Neversink Reservoir
Ruddy Ducks – about 40 birds between all locations
Ring-necked Ducks – 15 Swan Lake
Pied-billed Grebe

today, 10/31 we had the following:
Brant – 320 NR, 1 SL
Bufflehead – 20 SL, YL
Ring-necked Duck – 20 SL
Pied-billed Grebe – 5 SL
Surf Scoter – 1 YL
White-winged Scoter – 9 NR
Common Loon -1 NR
Lesser Scaup – 5 YL, 5 SL
Double Crested Cormorant – 3 YL
Common Mergansers – many YL, SL, NR
Ruddy Ducks – many YL, SL, NR, KL

I should note that between all our regular birders, over 2000 Brant have been seen moving through the county in the last two weeks.

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