More Sea Ducks

two of the four WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS as they flew to the other end of the lake

Four WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS on Yankee Lake 10/27/12

This morning I found four WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS(two male/two female) on Yankee Lake (my home). I was heading out to check the lakes and reservoires for sea ducks and this was a great start. I picked up Arlene Borko and we made our way around the county. While we didn’t find any more sea ducks, we did have a nice assorment of waterfowl. Ruddy Ducks were present at all sites. The Neversink Reservoir also had two nice HORNED GREBES, my FOS. Common Mergnasers, Mallards and Blacks were the remaining birds seen. While at Swan Lake, we got a call from Scott Baldinger that he had found two MARSH WRENS near the bridge on Haven Road. Since Arlene needed this bird for the year, we headed down there. We found one almost immediately and surprisingly heard a second one singing. Thanks Scott! From there we went to the hawk watch which produced twenty birds in two and a half hours. Mostly Turkey Vultures. Two Northern Harriers were nice. From there I came home and checked the lake again. The Scoters were surpringly still present. I got my kayak and headed out to try for some pics. While a little skittish, I managed a couple of shots. The birds flushed to the other end of the lake when two kayaks I hadn’t noticed were closing in on them from the other side. Another great day of birding. Hopefully we will all weather the storm as “Hurricane Sandy” roars into our area. Good luck to everyone and maybe even some good birds.

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