Good Waterfowl Day

a distant White-winged Scoter through the mist on Kiamesha Lake

always a nice find in the county, 22 Brant were on Wanasink Lake this morning

There was a decent influx of waterfowl into the county overnight. Lance Verderame called first thing this morning to inform me of ducks on Kiamesha Lake that included one drake WHITE-WINGED SCOTER and several GADWALL. Mallards, Blacks, Canada Geese and Ruddies were present as well. I went up to check them out. I was able to see the Scoter and the Ruddies, but the others were gone. I went on around the county but found little up county. Upon returning down county, I found the Scoter still present. I went on to Wanasink Lake where there were a good number of birds. 13 Ruddy Ducks, 1 Ring-necked Duck and 22 BRANT were present. Fortunately, everything remained for Scott Baldinger and Arlene Borko to arrive and see. From there I went on to Yankee Lake. It had been fogged in before I left home this morning and was only minimally improved by 1 pm. From the opposite shore from my house, I found at least 200 Ring-necked Ducks. There is seldom a time when that many birds come in that there isn’t something good among them. Try as I might, the fog rolling in and out, I could only spot RNDU. I will check it out again later as the fog lifts. Common Mergansers, Pied-billed Grebe, Wood Duck rounded out the list of eleven species seen. Yesterdays Long-tailed Duck and Green-winged Teal were not seen today. In other news, Pine Siskins continue in big numbers, American Pipits continue to move through and Scott Baldinger reports at least two EVENING GROSBEAKS continue at his feeders.

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