A less than stellar shot of the Male Evening Grosbeak at Scott Baldingers 10/21/12

Yesterday, Scott Baldinger had four EVENING GROSBEAKS coming to his feeders. While a number of us tried to see them, they eluded us even though they were there five times during the day. This morning, several of us showed up at dawn to see if they returned. Fortunately, one adult male came in for about ten minutes. Beautiful bird though a bit camera shy. We all waited around and Arlene Borko arrived. The New York State Young Birders Club lead by Lance Verderame arrived next. Now with the bird MIA for two hours and everyone waiting, it came in and gave a great show for all to see. Thanks to Scott once again for his hospitality. Later at the Hawk Watch, Renee Davis and I had our best day so far this month with 132 raptores seen. I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Matt Zeitler for assisting me at the Hawk Watch yesterday, it was another great day with great diversity, including a NORTHERN GOSHAWK.

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  1. Matt Zeitler says:

    Any time John! I had a blast.

  2. Matt Zeitler says:

    …And the Northern Goshawk was amazing! What a thrill!

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