McDonald Road – Wurtsboro 9/29/12

my FOS White-crowned Sparrow on McDonald Road

a nice fall TENNESSEE WARBLER on McDonald Road 9/29/12

This morning I was striking out. Neither Morningside Park nor the Orchard at the Bashakill had any birds. I was holding out hope for the hawk watch, but the completely cloudy skies and intermitent rain didn’t look good. I decided to stop at McDonald Road to bird as I waited out the weather. At first it seemed quiet, but it soon picked up. As I walked farther up the road, I noticed some movement low in the brush along the road. I was astounded when a beautiful hatch year CONNECTICUT WARBLER came out of the undergrowth, giving me fantastic views. Rather than retreat, the bird foraged along the road, covering some distance of 50 ft or so over the next ten minutes. I had left my camera in the car! I called Arlene, Scott and Lance, who were heading right over. Arlene arrived first, but the bird had finally disappeared in a thick pine tree. Since it hadn’t come out I asked Arlene to watch while I went for my camera. Now armed, the bird never showed again. A number of people came to try for the bird and we had many good birds in the interim. As several of the others finally gave up, Lance and I continued searching. We didn’t find the COWA, but we had great looks at a TENNESSEE WARBLER offering many photo opts. Lance finally departed as I continued my quest for a photo. Many more birds came in and there was some great birding. I arranged to meet Arlene back at McDonald Road at 1pm since the hawk watch washed out. We had many good birds including my FOS Wilson’s Warbler. We will be out in the morning, trying to relocate the Connecticut Warbler. We ended the day with 45 species just at MCDonald Road.

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