Morningside Park and the Bashakill Nature Trail 9/27/12

another shot

American Pipit – Morningside Park 9/27/12

Gray-cheeked Thrush – Nature Trail parking area, 9/27/12

This morning I kayaked Morningside again, hoping for some new shore birds. The Black-bellied Plover was gone, but the other shore birds remained the same. New however were two possibly three FOS AMERICAN PIPITS. I headed to the hawk watch from there, but after nearly three hours I only had seen 40 raptors. The best raptor was an adult NORTHERN GOSHAWK. Shortly thereafter, I recieved a call from Scott Baldinger informing me there were two GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH at the Nature trail. I had missed the last couple and decided to get in touch with Arlene Borko and try for them. We found several Swainson’s Thrush at the parking area. A small mix of warblers included Common Yellowthroat, Chestnut-sided and Magnolia. A few Red-eyed Vireos and a Scarlet Tanager. As we checked around the parking lot I walked up the drive toward South Road. I found a Gray-cheeked sitting over the drive on a branch in a Virginia Creeper vine. It remained for the rest of our time there, giving me a chance to get a few decent shots of the bird. Satisfied, we departed. I checked out the deli fields where I had many American Goldfinches and a Palm Warbler, but little else. It was now mid-afternoon and quite warm and quiet. Thanks Scott! Another great day.

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