Morningside Park and Summitville Hawk Watch

More Broadwings

Broad-winged Hawks – partial kettle

another shot. While there is some overlap of hawks, the total reached 250 birds.

Broad-winged Hawk Kettle – I took four shots from each point out of the tower

This morning looked like it would be a poor hawk watch day, so I decided to go to Morningside Park again to check for shore birds. The shore birds remained the same as yesterday, the Black-bellied Plover continuing. That didn’t take long and I headed for the hawk watch. I didn’t arrive until 10:30 am, but found birds moving as soon as I arrived. Conditions were not good. Light winds, no sun, no thermals and yet birds were moving. They seemed to struggle initially to even get above the ridge, but eventually did. The longer I remained, the more hawks came. As I counted a kettle well off the ridge toward Orange County, I noticed some birds high above the tower. I was absolutely amazed when I saw a stream of birds leading to the tower. As I leaned over the edge to see how far they went, I was astonded! I began counting this tremedous kettle, coming up with well over 200 hawks each count. I finally tallied approximately 250 hawks and stopped counting to take a few photos. I was able to take four shots around the tower as best I could see the birds. There were at least three Bald Eagles in the group with the 250 Broad-winged Hawks. They eventually peeled off, with about 75 kettling so high they disappeared into the clouds above me. This was the most exciting kettle I have ever experienced.

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