Bashakill Deli Fields CONNECTICUT WARBLER continues

This morning I went to the Deli Fields before sunrise to try for screech-owls and the Connecticut Warbler. I arrived to find two Great Horned Owls calling and a couple of Woodcock flying around. As the sun came up I began searching for the warbler. At 6:35 Lance Verderame arrived and we scoured the area where he had seen it yesterday. Lance was at the upper end of the hedge row and I at the lower when a bird flew out of the grass near me and into a rose bush. I immediately got on the bird which was yellowish underneath and olive-brown above. Yellow undertail coverts and long wings made me certain it was the bird, but its face was hidden. I tried to signal Lance, but he was looking the other way. When I looked back at the bird, it jumped just a foot or so to an open branch under the bush. At that point I could see the large bill and white eye ring. I got Lance’s attention and he came right over. We had prolonged looks at the bird as it preened and then rested. A beautiful hatch year bird. Looks like 7 times the charm, as I’ve searched every day since Lance initially discovered the bird. The bird was shortly flushed into the undergrowth by a sparrow. We could’nt relocate it, but we were thrilled with having had such great views. This is my 270th county bird! Thanks again Lance.

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2 Responses to Bashakill Deli Fields CONNECTICUT WARBLER continues

  1. scott says:

    Congrats John on #270!! What an amazing accomplishment!

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