Bashakill Followup

These juvenile Forster’s Terns were so confiding, I was on the bridge with them, only the width of the bridge away, and they were fearless. Only the passing cars sent them into the air.

As of 4 pm today, at least one Forster’s Tern continued at the Bashakill. Many Great Egrets could still be seen. An adult Bald Eagle, hunting the marsh, put up 50 Wood Ducks, 40 Mallards and 30 BLUE-WINGED TEAL. The later of which is an excellent count for the Bashakill.

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2 Responses to Bashakill Followup

  1. Matt Zeitler says:

    Hi John, I was wondering if the Forster’s Terns were continuing at the Bashakill? Great photos, I’d love to get a look at these birds!

    • Hi Matt, Sorry, but no, they were all gone the next morning. It was quite an exciting event for us all. Terns are notorius for taking off in very short order. These cooperated for everyone who went for them that day and were very photogenic. Hope your having a good migration! John


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