A Great Morning at the Bashakill

I met Lance Verderame at the Bashakill early this morning after he called to inform me that there had been a good movement of birds including a Philadelphia Vireo he had seen. Once birding, it became apparent there were many birds around. Scott Baldinger arrived with his field trip of about 15 birders. We all searched the Nature Trail and had many nice finds. My FOS PHILADELPHIA VIREO gave nice views, and was followed by at least two more. Canada, Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, Chestnut-sided and Pine Warblers as well as American Redstart and Common Yellowthroat were the warblers. Three other Vireo species, highlighted by several Yellow-throated were seen well. Several Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and at least one Scarlet Tanager were present. I needed to leave at 10 to get ready for the Bashakill Fortieth Anniversary Party and amazingly I did. My departure didn’t last for long though. As I reached Haven Road, I began to cross the bridge when to my amazement, a tern tried to land on the bridge. I pulled over quickly to see it flying down the channel. As I looked back, two more terns were landing on the railing of the bridge. I quickly determined them to be FORSTER’S TERNS and made many phone calls to let everyone know. Arlene Borko, Lance Verderame and Scott Baldinger, as well as most of his field trip participants were able to come and see these very cooperative juvenile terns. As we watched them, ten Great Egrets flew over the road and a Bald Eagle circled overhead. Great birding!!

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