An Interesting day

a Juvenile PEREGRINE FALCON at Morningside Park 9/5/12

A Wilson’s Snipe at Morningside Park this morning was either trying to hide from me, or the immature Peregrine Falcon cruising over the islands.

though normally dime sized, this hatchling was about a third smaller than it’s siblings. It made little difference though as he was about the fastest of all of them seen this morning.

two of the ten “dime sized” Musk Turtle hatchlings I rescued from Haven Road today, 9/5/12

Sometimes you have high hopes for some good birds. With the overnight prediction of heaving thunderstorms with much rain. I had hoped for a fallout of shore birds. That didn’t happen. In fact, the shorebirds remained pretty much the same as the last few days, with the exception of a Wilson’s Snipe at Morningside Park. As I scanned through the shore birds that were there, I was treated to yet another great show. A juvenile PEREGRINE FALCON tried to have a shore bird breakfast. Actually, he seemed more interested in the several Belted Kingfisher that were present. Either way, he had everything hopping, filling in for the missing Merlin. Once he finally gave up, he posed for a long time, allowing me many up close photos. Down to the Bashakill, the rain had stopped by now. The first interesting event of the morning was when an Adult Bald Eagle was hunting over the marsh. It put up over 250 Wood Ducks. This was my highest count of Wood Ducks so far this year. The birds came over Haven Road, wave after wave, allowing for a pretty accurate count. Among them were 4 Green-winged Teal, 6 Mallards, 2 Common Mergansers and 15 Canada Geese. It was quite a show. Shortly after I arrived, I notice that hatchling MUSK TURTLES were crossing the road. There were many that hadn’t made it, but I was able to save 10 of these dime sized hatchlings. Snapping Turtles were emerging as well and I saved 9 of them. One of the hatchling Musk Turtles was about a third smaller than normal. At first I wasn’t sure it was alive. It soon changed my mind. I photographed it several times and put it with its siblings, ready for release. Once it was at the edge of the water, it took off so fast, I couldn’t even get a pic of it taking off. I think he has it all under control. Passerines were almost non-existant at the Bash today. Great Egrets, Northern Harrier, Osprey and Pileated Woodpeckers were all seen, making it an interesting day all around.

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2 Responses to An Interesting day

  1. scott says:

    Hi John
    Nice save on the baby Musk Turtles!! It was an interesting trip to Cape May. Winds were not favorable the whole stay but there were some nice birds around. A late afternoon walk at Stone Harbor Point yesterday produced some real good birds including 6 LESSER-BACKED GULLS, 36 RED KNOTS some still showing some color on their breasts (closest I’ve ever been to them within 25 ft), 5 Brown Pelicans and 11 PIPING PLOVERS.
    At Cape May a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER was my best shorebird here. Also amazing migrating flocks of Eastern Kingbirds (100s) over at Higbee. Very early for raptors here other than Kestrels, Peregrine (1), N Harriers and Ospreys. Not much movement of warblers with only No Waterthrushes, Yellow, Black and White, and Com Yellowthroat found. Good to be back. See you out there!

    • Scott,      Glad you had a good trip, not too much going on here.  Lance had a Philadelphia Vireo, but none of the rest of us could repeat it.  Hopefully there are more to come.  See you out there, John


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