Another great morning.

This morning, Lance Verderame, Arlene Borko and I met at the Bashakill Nature Trail. It was immediately apparent there had been a good movement overnight and that birds were still coming in at 7am. At times, waves of birds were passing over our heads. Most of them went unidentified due to the poor lighting and thick canopy. That said, many were identified and we had some nice birds. Common Yellowthroat, American Redstart, Black-throated Green and Blue, Black and White, BAY-BREASTED, Chestnut-sided, Magnolia and Canada Warblers were seen. In the not 100% sure category was a most likely female Blackburnian that got away and a possible fleeting Worm-eatiing Warbler. I believe Lance had a Northern Parula as well. There were more Red-eyed Vireos than you could count, joined by at least four Warbling and two Yellow-throated Vireos. Notable by their absence were no tanagers, orioles nor grosbeaks. From there, Lance and I went to the Apollo, finding the BAIRD’S SANDPIPER now in its fourth day, along with a Killdeer and three Least Sandpipers. On to Morningside Park, where once again there were almost no shore birds, but a diligent MERLIN now its fourth day. I returned briefly to the Bashakill to check for Great Egrets, where I found five. Another great morning of birding.

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