Good birding continues.

The returning Merlin at Morningside Park has really kept things hopping.

Olive-sided Flycatcher seen from the Stop Sign Trail 8/31/12

This morning, Lance Verderame and I viewed the amazingly cooperative BAIRD’S SANDPIPER (now in its third day) at the Apollo Plaza from about 7 – 7:30 am. Least Sandpipers and Killdeer were also present. From there I went to several up-county locations. The best spot was again Morningside Park. Least Sandpipers, Killdeer and a Semipalmated Plover were the only shore birds. Great Blue Heron, Great Egret and Green Heron had the waders covered. Swallows and Waxwings were everywhere. Keeping all of this moving was the returning MERLIN. At Hilldale Pond, among many ducks were my FOS Green-winged Teal and a lone Blue-winged Teal. Another visit to Apollo on the way down county had the Baird’s still present at 10:30 am. On to the Bashakill. I went first to the Stop Sign Trail, where I ran into Dick Hirschman. We walked out the trail and found a small flock of passerines. Nothing unusual. As we reached the large dead tree famous for flycatchers, I first found a Great Crested Flycatcher that was shortly joined by two empids. As we watched them, my FOS OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER flew in and joined them. The others took off shortly, but the Olive-sided remained, catching many insects over the next 15 minutes. It then flew off to another group of trees and we departed. At the Nature Trail, things were rather quiet with only a few birds seen. It was by now nearly noon and quite hot, so this was to be expected. Another good morning.

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2 Responses to Good birding continues.

  1. scott says:

    Nice find on O-S FLY. I also had fun watching a Merlin this morning at Grasslands attacking a nice size flock of Starlings. Amazing to watch! Off to Cape May for a few days. See you next week.

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