Morningside Park and Bashakill WMA

Pine Siskin at Scott Baldinger’s Feeders

Shore bird numbers were down somewhat from the last couple of days, but there was some change over both at the Apollo and Morningside. Lesser Yellowlegs, Semipalmated Plover, Least, Solitary and Spotted Sandpipers were all present. At the Bashakill, a mixed species flock of passerines at the “Orchard” off Haven Road had only a few warblers, but a Worm-eating Warbler was nice to see among them. On the way down to the Nature Trail, I was able to view and get a photo of Scott Baldingers continuing Pine Siskin. At the “Nature Trail”, bird numbers were also down, but some nice birds were seen. Four Scarlet Tanagers, including a molting male, Two Baltimore Orioles, a Canada Warbler and all the usually expected mixed species were present. Out in the marsh, 5 Great Egrets, 9 Great Blue Herons and an Osprey continue.

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4 Responses to Morningside Park and Bashakill WMA

  1. scott says:

    Thanks for call on Y-B FLY. Good find! That bird will always be special to me because back in 2010 you got me hooked on trying to find 200 species for Sullivan and that bird was #200 for me (9/8/10)!! Was in Minnewaska today and we had an OLIVE-SID FLY so a good day for both of us.
    There were hardly any warblers there as well today. Glad you saw the Siskin!

    • Scott,      Sounds like you had a nice morning.  I hope we can get Olive-sided here soon,  I missed it in the spring (did you get it?)  at any rate, I know to keep my eyes open for them now.  The Yellow-bellied wasn’t a YB I guess.  Don’t know what it was, it had bright yellow belly, two wing bars and complete white eye ring.  The only problem was a very gray throat, which the book says should be yellow as well.  Oh well empids are definately moving.  John


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