Bashakill 7/24/12

Woodcock as it walked down the trail away from me. Very Kiwi like in movements

American Woodcock on the Birch Trail Bashakill 7/24/12

This morning I hiked the Birch Trail from the Main Boat Launch to Haven Road and back. Though I got there a little late and the temperature was already 80 degrees, the brisk wind and dry air made for a nice walk in the woods and along the marsh. A Broad-winged Hawk was soaring overhead. The Osprey chicks appear to be near fledging. As I walked the trail, I came upon an American Woodcock. He didn’t seem to disturbed and allowed several photo ops. As I watched, he walked into a relatively small patch of grass and dried leaves. As I approached I was sure I would see him in there. Though he couldn’t have departed, his comoflage must have been perfect, I could not see him. I left him where he hid. Further down the trail I came upon five Great Egrets out from the look out tower. I knew they were out there, as I had seen them flying in that area from Haven Road. Many Great Blues, at least a dozen, were present as well. Eastern Wood Pewee families seemed to be everywhere. Gray Catbirds, Yellow Warblers and Common Yellowthroats were all seen. A bit farther down the trail brought me upon yet another American Woodcock. Eventually, I headed back to the main boat launch. It had been a great hike. Upon getting back to the launch, three Great Egrets were in the marsh near the first small island on the left. I had just seen the other egrets again, so that brought to eight the number I saw today. A nice quiet morning of birding.

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