Bashakill and Morningside Park 7/20/12

One of three Semipalmated Sandpipers at Morningside Park. These were the first fall birds of this species I’ve seen.

Great Egret on Haven Road

This morning torrential rains fell through about 12 noon. I went out at 11 am to see what it might have put down. It was a fairly good day, though the same storm a week from now would have been much more productive. At the Bashakill, at least 12 of the 20 Great Egrets seen yesterday continued. I really think that they are all still there. It is very difficult to spot them in the deep vegetation. Once you spot one or two, the next thing you know, there are half a dozen there. If you go, check the entire area both east and west of Haven Road. Half a dozen Great Blue Herons and an American Bittern were nice to see as well. At Morningside Park, the storm did put down some new birds. I had 4 Spotted Sandpipers (same) 9 Least Sandpipers (new) and 3 Semipalmated Sandpipers (new). The Semi Palms were the first fall birds of that species that I’ve seen. On Devine Corners Road, I found three American Kestrels. These were at least part of a breeding family. Ring-billed Gulls were seen at all locations today, indicating they are really on the move. I have seen no others so far this summer. Not a bad day, but bring it on!

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