Great Morning at the Bashakill

Twenty Great Egrets and two Great Blue Herons at the Bashakill 7/19/12

some of the Great Egrets in a closer shot

Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets in some kind of feeding frenzy at the Bashakill 7/19/12

this 1-2 year old eagle may be last years rehabilitated bird.

I headed to the Bash early this morning in hopes of some movement overnight. We had storms come through overnight with a cold front from the north west. I wasn’t disappointed. When I arrived at Haven Road, I found several GREAT EGRETS in the large dead tree in the back bay near the Pine Boat Launch. I called several friends to let them know of the birds presence. As I spoke with them, more birds came up out of the marsh. When Scott Baldinger and Arlene Borko arrived, birds continued to be added. By the time it was all done, there were twenty (20) Great Egrets and ten (10) Great Blue Herons in the back bay. I went to the look out tower from the Pine Boat Launch for more pictures. It seemed that the birds were in some kind of feeding frenzy. I don’t know what they were eating, but they were sure intent on getting as much as they could. I then kayaked the south end of the Bash. A young Eagle may have been last years fledgling that broke it’s wing, was rehabed and released back to the Bashakill. You will notice that this bird is resting ( with me right below it) with it’s left foot and leg up under its wing. This is a sign of how comfortable a bird is with what is happening around it. If this bird was the least bit threatened, it’s pose would have been one ready for flight. Its great to see that the Eagles at the Bashakill are so secure in their surroundings. As I paddled along, two Solitary Sandpipers flew up the channel and passed right by me. These were the first fall Solitaries I have seen. Wood Ducks with ducklings were everywhere once again this morning. As has been the case recently, I heard four Common Gallinules, but saw none.

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