Morningside and the Bashakill

Osprey just after having caught a fish 7/16/12

Went out this morning to kayak both of the above locations. The summer doldrums are getting to me, can’t wait for migration. With last nights storms, I had great hopes of something coming in, but little changed. A few more Least Sandpipers were new at Morningside, but nothing esle. At the Bashakill, Common Gallinules continue to be heard but not seen. The Pied-billed Grebe continues to be cooperative on Haven Road. The Osprey chicks are nearly full grown. There are definately only two. I was able to get the above shot just seconds after the adult caught this fish. He flew it right over to the nest where the chicks quickly fed. Hopefully the heat will start to deminish and some shore birds will begin to show. Also, there are lots of Great Blue Herons around, but I haven’t seen or heard either species of Bittern.

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4 Responses to Morningside and the Bashakill

  1. scott says:

    Hey John
    Paula and I had an American Bittern fly over the Haven Rd causeway mid afternoon on the 16th.
    First one I’ve seen in awhile and we can hear those Common Gallinules every late afternoon calling from the kill in front of the house. We love your fawn photos!

    • Thanks Scott, Nice to hear of the Bittern. I actually think they are all still out there, just seems they have gone completely quiet, at least when I’ve been checking. Hope you are keeping cool. John


  2. Matt Zeitler says:

    Hi John – Last Thursday Karen Miller and I got a good look (in the scope) at a COGA looking south from the 209 boat launch. It was swimming on the edge of the channel and the crossed the channel. Two days later I was kayaking just north of Haven Rd and in the far distance I saw what I believe was 1 adult and 6 young COGAs in the channel. It was a quick look – they were aware of me and headed for cover. I am loving paddling the Basha Kill in the early morning! – Matt Zeitler

    • Hi Matt, Glad your getting to see them. I haven’t gotten out so early lately and it has made a difference. The heat has everything under cover. In a few weeks, as the gallinule chicks get larger, many should be able to be seen around the kill. I have been able to count as many as twenty half grown chicks in some years, and there are more than that. FYI, the southwest end of the Bash is a great spot for the gallinules, there are at least four pair with young there and the distance is not so great. I have gotten some decent pics there in past years and you should be able to do better. Though they are tough after early July, this is also a good place for Least Bittern. A pair has been present and raised young here the last two years. Good birding! John


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