Great morning at the Bashakill

Wood Duck pair Bashakill

Canada Lilies – Bashakill 6/15/12

Least Bittern – Bashakill 6/15/12

A beautiful day with temps in the mid 70’s and bright sun was a pleasure today. My first chance to get out to the Bash in several days, and the first it hasn’t been raining in quite some time. There was much bird activity today. Warblers feeding young seemed to be everywhere. Yellows, Common Yellowthroats and American Redstarts were abundant. Ovenbird and Cerulean were also seen. The Bald Eagle chick continues to exercise his wings, soon to be ready for his first flight. Both Osprey were actively feeding their chicks this morning. Great Blue Herons and Wood Ducks were seen in several spots. Common Gallinules could be heard, but were to elusive to view. The best birds today were a pair of LEAST BITTERNS. I found them as I kayaked the channel. I first heard one, and eventually spotted it in the reeds. Shortly thereafter, I heard a second bird calling from some alders. Besides its regular call, (coo-coo-coo) it gave a long rapid cluck-cluck-cluck call that made me think it may have been vocalizing to young, but that is speculation on my part. I know I have never heard them make this sound before. Butterflies were everywhere today with Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Red-spotted Purple being the most numerous. Also, along the trails, the Canada Lilies are in bloom. Always nice to see this native american lily at the Bashakill. Great morning overall with a total of 43 species of birds seen.

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