McDonald Road and Linear Park 6/10/12

This morning I headed over to McDonald Road. It had been a while since I was over there and I wanted to see what was happening with the breeding birds there. It was a nice morning, with many cooperative birds. As soon as I got out near the warehouse, I heard an Orchard Oriole singing. I found the bird, a first year male singing emphatically. It moved a short distance up the road, when an adult male Orchard Oriole came out of the bushes and chased him back down the road. A short time later, the scene repeated itself. This time as the adult male gave chase, an adult female chased another female, the whole group heading toward the far end of the warehouse. The two adult birds returned to the presumed nest sight once again and disappeared into the bushes. The first year male shortly returned to his perch near the warehouse singing away. As I checked the surrounding area, I noticed an adult Green Heron had flown in to the top of a telephone pole. It soon flew off in the direction that a pair can usually be found, only shortly to have a second bird fly in to the same area. Blue-winged Warblers, Alder and Willow Flycatchers, Indigo Buntings and many others were easily found. I ran into Joe Guinta and Sy Schiff and their group from Long Island. They were having a good morning as well, and its always nice to see these guys. All in all it was a pleasant morning of birding with 39 species seen.

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