Sullivan County – fantastic morning 6/2/12

This morning, Scott Baldinger called me early to inform me that the pair of EVENING GROSBEAKS that had come to his feeders yesterday afternoon had returned this morning, coming in repeatedly. As we spread the word, Lance Verderame called to inform me that there were many shorebirds at the Apollo Plaza. The group included many Semipalmated Sandpipers and at least one if not more WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS. I called Arlene Borko to fill her in and arrange to pick her up. I went to her place at 830 and immediately found a drake EURASIAN WIGEON among the many Mallards, Canada Geese and Wood Ducks. This is only the third record of this species for the county. The bird was very skittish and I didn’t want to flush it, so we had to view it from a distance. Since my camera was destroyed this week I had only my phone to try to take a picture with. Arlene got her instamatic and I took many photos with each. Hopefully we will get something Identifiable from one or the other. I will post a pic once I have one that shows the bird well enough. Unable to deal with not having a camera, we left the duck sitting and headed to Monticello for a new camera. I got one and we returned to find an elderly gentleman walking around her pond picking goose feathers. (he had asked permission to do so a few weeks back) What terrible timing, all the waterfowl except for a few birds were gone. We are hoping it may hang with the birds it flew out with, eventually returning, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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One Response to Sullivan County – fantastic morning 6/2/12

  1. Sean says:

    Ouch! The words “camera was destroyed” make me cringe! At least there were avian reasons for you to need one!

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