Some new arrivals

Yellow-billed Cuckoo – Nature Trail, Bashakill 5/13/12

This morning I birded the usual spots and found several new arrivals. At the Nature Trail at the Bashakill I found my F0S YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO. At Linear Park, FOS ALDER FLYCATCHERS. On Gumaer Falls Road, FOS ACADIAN FLYCATHER. A good morning. Many migrants from the weekend seemed to be gone. I had had many Canada’s, Blackpolls and Wilson’s both days and today only found one Blackpoll. Also, the results are in from our “Break-a-hundred Day” weekend. Scott Baldinger and team tied with Scott Graber and team, each having had 120 species. Congratulations to all!

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8 Responses to Some new arrivals

  1. Joy Victory says:

    I’m curious about Gumaer Falls Road — is it a particularly good birding area?

  2. Drew Gress says:

    Can you recommend a good spot to bird on Gumaer Falls Road, or is the procedure to just drive and listen for activity with the windows down? Thank you in advance for responding (!)

    • Drew,
      Some good areas to stop are about a mile up the road, you will have reached the top of the first hill and begun to descend again. There are Hemlocks on the right and a pulloff that says private property. You can stop in this spot, just remain on the road. It is good for Blackburnian, Magnolia and Black-throated Green Warblers. Continue on to the flat area near the cabin. This spot is good for Acadian Flycatcher. Continue on up hill again. When you come to the second pulloff on the left, this is good for all the previous mentioned warblers as well as Pine and Blue-headed Vireo and Dark-eyed Junco. Good luck! John

  3. Drew Gress says:

    Thank you so much, John!
    I truly appreciate your taking the time.
    All the best, Drew

  4. Drew Gress says:

    Just a quick note to say I had a male Mourning Warbler this morning (7:20) in the orchard at Bashakill, along the road to the Stop Sign Trail’s parking lot (from Haven Road) singing a truncated song, but giving reasonably good looks for about 10 minutes!

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