Bashakill and surrounding area

Male Baltimore Oriole about to drop to an orange at my home. 5/11/12

Birded both the Bashakill and Linear Park with an extra stop at Gumaer Falls Road today. The wind continued to be rediculous. This kept many birds down except in sheltered areas. I only managed 14 species of warbler today, having missed some common species. I did find my FOS LINCOLN’S SPARROW at the Horseshoe Parking Area, only to find another at Linear Park. Back at my house, the orioles are coming to the oranges. I’ve included a shot of one just about to drop to an orange. The wind is supposed to stop and temps to rise overnight. Hopefully this will all happen as many groups will be in the area (including us) for the “Big Day” tomorrow. Good luck to everyone!

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2 Responses to Bashakill and surrounding area

  1. Is there a secret to this? I have my oranges out and not even a song 😦 repeat visitors for you maybe?

    • The Orioles have been coming to my house for years. This year only two are coming. In some years I’ve had as many as eleven. It all depends on the leaf out of the trees. Advanced leafout in early May results in fewer birds coming to oranges(more catepillars and insects). This year I think only repeat birds came. Keep trying, I’m surprised your Red-bellied Woodpeckers aren’t eating the oranges, my eat more than the orioles. John


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