Unusual Day of Birding

Long-tailed Duck – a rather late record for Sullivan County 5/8/12

This morning I headed to the Bashakill before the rains began. I was able to bird both the Orchard/Stop Sign Trail and the Nature Trail. The birds had remained pretty much the same for the last three days. My FOS Eastern Wood Pewee was the only new bird for me. A new Golden-winged Warbler was detected by its song which was a little faster and had a third buzz, separating it from the bird that spent several days here through Sunday. Once the skies opened up, the rain was to heavy to continue. I decided to check out the water in the county to see if it put anything down there. I birded Kiamesha Lake, Morningside Park, Neversink Reservoir, Swan Lake, Wolf Lake and Yankee Lake. There was a decent waterfowl fallout for May. Here is a list of what I saw:

Mute Swan – 3
Ring-necked Duck – 4 (YL)
LONG-TAILED DUCK – 1 drake without a tail
Bufflehead – 1
Common Loon – 7
Double-crested Cormorant – 8

Not a bad count for the second week in May.

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