Bashakill and Linear Park

Another great day of birding. Arlene Borko, Renee Davis , Lance Verderame, Scott Baldinger, Joyce Depew and I spent the day scouring the valley hoping for some new species. We ended the day with 18 species of Warbers, five Tyrant flycatchers including FOS WILLOW FLYCATCHER at McDonald Road, four Vireos, FOS CHIMNEY SWIFTS at Haven Road and a smattering of other birds. I ended the day with 80 species. A special highlight was a well seen NORTHERN GOSHAWK soaring over McDonald Road. A (or perhaps the same from Friday) GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER was easily viewed at the Orchard at the Bashakill. Common Gallinules were seen on Haven Road and American Bittern was seen by some, but heard by all. CERULEAN WARBLERS continued at both the Horseshoe and the Nature Trails and some good views of several Canada and Wilson’s Warblers at several spots was nice. Wood Thrush and Veery were both easily found, but no Swainson’s today. I can hardly wait for the next wave. On another note, it was nice to see Ray and Jean Cramer out enjoying the spring birding.

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