Bashakill Area Association “Peak of Migration Bird Walk”

This morning I lead the above field trip. 22 Participants enjoyed a nice morning of birding on the Bashakill. While numbers of birds was down, diversity was good. We ended the morning with 61 species, including the birds the last three die hards had with me on Haven Road. Everyone had a great time, and many people got life birds. The best birds for the day were a Worm-eating Warbler at the Orchard and a Cerulean Warbler at the Nature Trail. 14 species of warber were seen in total. Four species of Vireo including a FOS Red-eyed Vireo. As usual Baltimore Orioles were the show stoppers for the day, giving excellent views to everyone. Later, after the trip was over, I went to McDonald Road. I added an additional 11 species for the day, including FOS Bobolink. I ended the day with 73 species.

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3 Responses to Bashakill Area Association “Peak of Migration Bird Walk”

  1. Matt Zeitler says:

    Thanks so much John – what a great morning. It was a little overwhelming at times, but I sure learned a lot. Your birding skills are truly impressive and you are an excellent teacher. See you out there.

  2. John as usual i had a great time! You make time for us novice birders like me and keep the pros happy! I went back on Sunday after my nature watch shift and was treated to a Magnolia Warbler in the nature trail. With Jasper my dog by my side we sat on one of the bridges and watched her for quite some time. Thanks again!

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