Deli Fields Bashakill

Late this morning, I birded the Deli Fields in Westbrookville. I happened on it at a good time. There were at least a dozen Song Sparrows singing, my FOS FIELD SPARROW, half a dozen Eastern Phoebe’s and a Northern Flicker. On the ridge at the back of the field in the large stand of pines were two FOS male PINE WARBLERS. Overhead, several Turkey Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks were soaring. A real influx of Great Blue Herons occurred overnight as well with 16 individuals seen this morning.

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3 Responses to Deli Fields Bashakill

  1. Hi John! When we were there we saw they playful Bluebirds hanging out with a goldfinch ? I was planing a panting on this event and now can’t recall who the third wheel was??

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