Cooley Bog – White-winged Crossbills

White-winged crossbills 2/8/12

Pine Siskins 2/8/12

White-winged Crossbill 2/8/12

This morning, 2/8/12, the White-winged Crossbills put on another great show. Numbering about 30 birds, they fed in the tree tops right along the road again. At least 40 Pine Siskins, a Brown Creeper, 2 Gold-crowned Kinglets and a Red-breasted Nuthatch were present as well. The light continues to be poor for pictures, but I attached a few shot s anyway.

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3 Responses to Cooley Bog – White-winged Crossbills

  1. scott says:

    sounds like similar number of xbills we saw here yesterday! Also wanted to let you know I had 3 male purple finch at south rd feeders this morning. hope the siskins and redpolls are next.

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