Snow Bunting and a special Half Hardy

Snow Bunting - Woodard Road 1/29/12

This morning as Arlene and I were heading out to bird, we got a call from Lance Verderame informing us of a SNOW BUNTING on Woodard Road. We toured the county, eventually ending up there. To our surprise, a few hours later, the bird remained exactly where Lance had found it. It posed nicely for some pics. Heading out from there, we ran into a few PINE SISKINS and many American Goldfinch. There was one female PURPLE FINCH with them. The bird of the day however came a short time later. On Hunter Road as we passed a field, an EASTERN TOWHEE flew up from a tangle and across a marshy field. Though I was able to spish it in, it only barely showed itself in the thick weeds. Arlene couldn’t get a look. I decided to try to call the bird. It never came out of the thick undergrowth, but began to towhee…….towhee constantly. As we talked and walked around, it became quiet. Just as we reached the car to depart, it began its towhee calling all over again. I have never had a Towhee in Sullivan in the winter before. Several new Red-shouldered Hawks, Eagles and Red-tails were seen as well. Great birding!

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