Gulls – Kiamesha Lake 1/10/12

Seven of the nine Great Black-backed Gulls present on Kiamesha Lake 1/10/12

With the closing of the Sullivan County Landfill in December ’09 and the deep freezes of the last two winters, it seemed Gulls would no longer frequent Monticello in the winter. This winter has proven that it is not the case. The mild conditions have provided ample open water for gulls to roost and feed upon. More Ring-billed Gulls are wintering this year than I can remember (500+) and a decent number of Herring Gulls have filtered through as well (0ften 50+). Great Black-backed Gulls have shown up in ones and twos recently, and today (9) were present on the lake. Add to this the (6) Bonaparte’s Gulls we had on the Christmas Count, and we are having a good gull winter for the first time in three years. If conditions remain the same, I think it is only a matter of time before an uncommon gull is found.

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One Response to Gulls – Kiamesha Lake 1/10/12

  1. Rob Bate says:

    John, I couldn’t find your email and hope you get this message. I am leading a trip for the Brooklyn Bird Club up to Wallkill NWR on January 21, ostensibly to see the Short-eared Owls that I have seen so regularly there for the last few years. I am concerned that the weather has been too warm and I don’t see any recorded sightings from the area and was wondering if it might be better to postpone the trip till next month.

    Do you know if the birds have been present or know of anyone who might have knowledge? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope all’s well with you.

    Rob Bate
    Brooklyn, NY

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