Sullivan County – birding picks up 12/21/11

A pair of Purple Finches were part of a nice influx in the last couple of days 12/21/11

Snow Geese, uncommon in December, in a field on Long Road near Villa Roma 12/21/11

After nearly four weeks of few birds in the county, birding finally picked up the last couple of days. An influx of finches occurred the last few days and I found nearly 100 Goldfinches and 33 Purple Finches in total. Also a nice find was a flock of six Snow Geese in with about 250 Canada Geese in the Beechwoods area. Red-shouldered Hawks are in good number, but Red-tailed are hard to find. There are still 250 Common Mergansers on Kiamesha Lake. Hopefully this will bode well for our upcoming Christmas Count next week.

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2 Responses to Sullivan County – birding picks up 12/21/11

  1. pharmacy Bill says:

    Let’s hope the finches get down to us. My feeders are still lousy.
    Nice shots. Your blog is great.

    • Thanks, but the pics are really poor, but they do document the finds.  I’m hoping they hang around for the xmas count.  Then on to you.  Hope you have a good holiday.


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