Summitville Hawk Watch – September summary

Renee Davis and I began manning the Summitville Hawk Watch for our ninth consecutive year on September 1, 2011. We experienced some of the worst condition ever, with rain dominating most of the month. We were only able to cover the watch 16 days through the month and logged only sixty and a half hours. This resulted in our lowest September count in many years. That said, it was still a productive month with many nice birds seen. Here is the total number of birds counted for the month:

Bald Eagles – 15
Osprey – 41
Northern Harrier – 6
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 156
Cooper’s Hawk – 41
Northern Goshawk – 1
Broad-winged Hawk – 1,824
Red-tailed Hawk – 5
American Kestrel – 17
Merlin – 3
Peregrine Falcon – 6
Unidentified Raptor – 2

Also seen were as many as six Black Vultures, twelve Turkey Vultures and many resident Red-tailed Hawks not yet migrating. Of note was that no resident nor migrating Red-shouldered Hawks were seen the entire month. Great Birding! John Haas

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