Orange County Shorebird Bonanza – part 2

Lark Sparrow - Indianna Road 9/15/11

The latest cold front brought in many birds again overnight to the Black Dirt Region of Orange County. This morning I found a RED-NECKED PHALAROPE in Pine Island. As I watched the bird (very skittish due to many raptors) move from field to field and wet spot to wet spot, it landed in the middle of four HUDSONIAN GODWITS!! Other birds present were forty juvenile American Golden Plover, one Black-bellied Plover and one Buff-breasted Sandpiper. There were many of the common shorebirds as well. On Indiana Road, as a result of a post by Bill Elrick this morning, Rob Stone relocated the LARK SPARROW. He also found two Blue Grosbeak. On the road in, I found two Ruddy Turnstone, foraging among the onion piles. They were very cooperative for pics, showing almost no fear at all. As I searched for more shorebirds, I ran into a heard of non-avian critters. The most bears I’ve seen at once in some time. Great Day!

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