Identifiable photos

Tricolored Heron - Haven Road Bashakill 4/28/11

This morning as I went over my pics of the White Ibis, realizing how poor they were, yet enough to identify the bird to species. I gave thought to my failed efforts to get pictures of the Tricolored Heron this spring. The great distances you have to view a bird from at the Bashakill often makes good pictures impossible. I think however after checking the shots I took on 4/28/11 that there is one identifiable shot of the Tricolored Heron. I’ve attached it to this post. Can you ID the bird from the shot?  You can actually see the brown back/rump, the dark gray wings, the white belly, the dark gray neck, the white plumes at the back of the head and the pale base of bill extending long to a dark tip.  I feel the bird is definately identifiable by this really bad shot.  The White Ibis shot below is really bad as well, but the brown wings, white belly and long decurved pinkish bill all make this shot distinctive for the species.  John Haas

White Ibis sitting on broken tree trunk Bashakill 7/28/11

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