Bashakill – WHITE IBIS

White Ibis flying over Haven Road 7/28/11

This morning I birded Morningside Park for shorebirds then went to the Bashakill. As I stood on the bridge at Haven Road taking pictures of a pair of Common Moorhens with two chicks, a bird flew past me just above and to my left. Expecting it to be one of several Green Herons around the bridge I only gave a glance but was amazed to see a juvenile WHITE IBIS flying by. It followed the channel out past the curve and continued on to land in a large dead tree where it sat preening. I made several calls, but everyone was out of town or not reachable. I decided to kayak out to try for photos, but the bird flew down into the marsh closer to the road so I headed back in. As I reached the road, it flew up and over to the other side and flew all around the marsh there. This continued off and on several times. After 45 minutes, I finally reached Arlene Borko and she came over. I knew approximately where it had gone down last, so we watched there. As I spoke to Lance Verderame on the phone, Arlene pointed at the bird flying up from closer to the road again. It flew quite close and we had great looks. White underparts with brown wings and head and a white rump. I got a few pics which are not very good, but do identify the bird, note the white rump in the top pic. We last saw the bird flying toward the west when it landed out in the marsh about half way between Haven Road  and the Main Boat Launch.  This is of course the first record of this bird for Sullivan County. John Haas

White Ibis - Haven Road Bashakill 7/28/11

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